Precision Blackjack by Ron DiBenedetto

A Complete Advanced Blackjack Approach

Finally A Complete -  Advanced Blackjack Methodology For The Serious Player.  

Welcome to Precision Blackjack. 

Finally A Complete - Advanced Blackjack Methodology For The Serious Player. Painstakingly developed through years of casino play by real PLAYERS, not book writers, system hucksters or computer programmers. Learn the secrets that real professional players understand and turn the casino tactic of "like - card clumping" against the house. The Course will provide you with all the tools and insight needed to become a polished player. The advanced card play and betting tactics detailed in this Comprehensive Home Study Blackjack Course will elevate your play to World Class Level !   Play Professional Blackjack As a Business.



  • Money management
  • Table scouting factors
  • Table selection / departure 
  • To recognize "hot zones"
  • Advanced card play tactics
  • Betting tactics designed for the "streaky" and the common "choppy" type games 
  • How to switch betting schemes to address swings in the shoe
  • A unique advantage and bet enhancement strategy for the 1st base position
  • A card counting enhancement
  • Spot Betting
  • Fine points of head to head play with the dealer 
  • Partner and team play tactics
  • Lock wins/stop losses
  • How to play Blackjack as a business

And much more . . .

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