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All ProductsBaccaratfree stuff

Introduction to Becoming a Professional Player Baccarat Player

This is the Free introductory information on how to become a full-time player. It covers some of the basic approaches necessary to learn how to win consistently at Baccarat.

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This is the FREE version of the Basics Approaches you need to know to become a Professional Baccarat Player. It includes the 4 Basic Approaches and also consists of an introduction to the Follow The Shoe Strategy which is Featured at This document is the results of years of study by many Players. I will send you the updated version via Hard Copy Free, but you can download the pdf here as soon as you register. If you are not a FREE member of BeatTheCasino join up now and talk to some great players. Sign up here.

This sheet covers:

  • Time Before Last - TBL
  • Opposite Time Before Last - OTB4L
  • Pattern Plays
  • Event Count Strategy and Dipsarity
  • Identifying Strong Sides
  • Follow the SHoe - FTS