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The Ultimate Baccarat App Manual

This App provides quick and accurate tracking of your preferred Baccarat system. Quickly email the results of a Baccarat Shoe by installing the Gmail app. Import the shoe into Excel or the Strategic Baccarat Interface at BeatTheCasino.com for historical analysis. 

The application tracks the Average score of the Player and banker hands to 2 decimal place accuracy. You can set the average it calculates by selecting the sample size of the last two hands up to unlimited hands for a recent cross-section analysis or over the entire game.  It also tracks the trending by categorizing the Baccarat Point total as low hand scores, Neutral hand scores, and High Hands. The App also tracks the most common score on each side, giving you a deep statistical analysis of what is occurring in the shoe. Best utilized at Stadium Baccarat or for online play.

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