The Consummate Baccarat Approach

The Winners Guide to Relevant Statistics

The Consummate Baccarat Approach is not a system but a 2 hour video that makes you a system designer using the relevant statistics in a Baccarat Shoe to determine the best way to bet.

This information has been developed at over the past twenty years and is responsible for making some of the best winning players in the world.

System Sellers teach you a rote way to play using only a few statistics or a complex Bullshit Approach. This will be the last video you will ever need to understand how to win at Baccarat. Start winning today by learning these concepts.

Consummate Baccarat Approach

1.) Vertical Scorecard

2.) Opposites and Repeats

3.) Events

a. Confirmed

b. Potential

4.) Runs

a. Zig-Zag

b. Straight

5.) Event Counts (SAP Count)

a. Simple Event Comparison

b. Intro to Tally Chart

6.) Resources Video from Players

7.) OR Count

a. Disparity Opposites vs Repeats

8.) Player Banker Disparity 

9.) OT Count – 2 Back

10.) Learning Check

11.) Primary Statistic How Systems are Made

a. What Variable is your Trigger - System 40

i. Losses in a row

1. Mode III 

2. Mode II

12.) Classic Rote Systems 

a. Time Before Last (TBL)

b. Opposite Time Before Last (OTB4L)

13.) Events Disparity

a. Data Classification

i. Nominal Data

ii. Ordinal Data 

iii. Interval Data

iv. Ratio Data

14.) Target Statistic Strategy Explanation

15.) Most Common and Least Common

a. Simple Count

b. Balanced Count

16.) Using Events Counts

a. MDB 

i. Consecutive Events

ii. Count Direction

iii. MDB Simple Example

17.) 87% solution Kevin

18.) Strong Side – 

a. Strong Side with Data

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